One61 Studio's collaborative process brings together inventors, engineers, designers, enthusiasts and brands to create innovative products that deliver richer fan experiences. is a CA Technologies startup accelerator based in Plano, Texas. Using patented technologies, we are building a machine learning based IoT device virtualizer to help IoT development teams build advanced virtual device prototypes, early-stage test and development scenarios with realistic data to help development teams bring their ideas to fruition faster and at a lower cost. For more information, visit

Based in Tel Aviv, SAY Wearables is responsible for a new frontier in wearable technology. What first began as an innovative necklace providing wearers with the ultimate platform for self-expression, SAY's unique wearable displays can now be implemented into almost any product variation. SAY has most recently partnered with One61 Studio, Bioworld Merchandising's new IoT division, to bring Kaptur, a first-of-its-kind hat equipped with a fully-customizable display controlled via smartphone app, to life.

LugTrack LLC is a leader in the market for high performance global tracking technology, developing problem solving solutions customized to match any brand and tailored to meet industry demands. Pioneering innovation in providing Tracking As A Service, LugTrack's technologies create peace of mind for consumers and businesses across the globe. For more about LugTrack, visit


Why partner with One61 Studio? 

  • 20 YEARS OF SUCCESS – With almost two decades of profitable growth, we draw from real-world experience that typical incubators don’t have.
  • EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE – Access to our seasoned, multi-disciplinary team including sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and sales.
  • LESS RISK – We have a network of proven partners that you can leverage, including dedicated factories in India, China and Mexico.
  • PROTOTYPING – Partner with our engineers and manufacturers to deliver a market-ready prototype.
  • SPEED TO MARKET – We’ll support your ideas from conception to production and have the teams to ensure a fast and thorough process.
  • RETAIL NETWORK – Our sales team already works with the retailers you want to sell your products! Mass, mid, specialty and e-comm; we’ve got you covered.
  • LICENSE AGREEMENTS – We have partnerships in place with over 400 licensed properties that represent the world’s favorite video games, comics, movies, music and more! If it makes sense, we’ll make the introduction.

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