One61 Studio Announces Partnership With KnowThings

One61 Studio announces partnership with KnowThings Accelerator to enhance product development.

One61 Studio will reveal its one-of-a-kind product development story at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

DALLAS, Texas - January 3, 2017 - This week One61 Studio, the IoT division of Bioworld Merchandising, Inc. pioneering the future of licensed apparel and accessories, announced a unique partnership with KnowThings, a CA Technologies incubator, in an effort to accelerate IoT solution development and bring licensed tech products to market more rapidly.

“This partnership stemmed from our objective to bring superior products to market more quickly and efficiently than ever before.” said Shawn Stauffer, Bioworld’s Chief Technology Officer. “To accomplish that, we are improving our quality assurance and testing capabilities with the help of third-party validation and smart technology developed by partners like KnowThings.”

The first product line produced through this distinct collaboration is One61 Studio’s Super Hero SmartWatch Collection. The first-of-its-kind collection provides users with a “gamified” interactive experience and features popular superheroes including Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman.

With help from KnowThings, One61 improved SmartWatch capabilities and overall performance by including machine learning technologies, device virtualization, and security audits to automate tests and make products secure and longer lasting.

“Reducing product development cycles and complexity is the key to success for IoT products today,” said Anand Kameswaran, CEO of KnowThings. “Our goal at KnowThings is to help customers accomplish that in the most automated way possible.”

As a CA Technologies startup incubation project, KnowThings is building a new self-learning virtualizer to help accelerate IoT solution software development. Based on its patented service virtualization algorithms and machine learning technology, KnowThings software can quickly learn the network interaction and communication patterns between IoT devices and help test edge cases which would otherwise be difficult to test.

The One61 Studio SmartWatch collection will launch alongside One61’s newest innovations including the first ever voice-activated Smart Glove, Smart Wallet with credit card detection, foundmi Luggage Tracker, and foundmi Bluetooth tracker. The Super Hero SmartWatch Collection is the first of the many to come in 2018.


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ABOUT KNOWTHINGS.IO is a CA Technologies startup accelerator based in Plano, Texas. Using patented technologies, we are building a machine learning based IoT device virtualizer to help IoT development teams build advanced virtual device prototypes, early-stage test and development scenarios with realistic data to help development teams bring their ideas to fruition faster and at a lower cost. For more information, visit